• Ball valve is buyers favor

  • Along with the science and continuous development and progress, the valve industry in China took hold. To speed up the pace of technological innovation, machinery industry valve product structure was further optimized, so that the valve and execute instruments have better performance, price stability, and expanding the use of natural gas in oil and gas makes the investment increase, accelerate the valve in the market the status of occupation.
    China's valve industry in the first half of the 13 branch line of industrial added value all double-digit rapid growth, engineering valves, heavy mining countries fastest growing valve. The proportion of the total amount in the large chemical industry, the electrical industry to the industry growth the contribution rate of nearly 59%. According to the data, in the first half of the industrial economic benefit country valve comprehensive index is 169.55%, than last year the corresponding period increases by about 20%, advocate business wu income profit rate is 5.33, 0.49% year-on-year increase.
    From this year's August first half, buyers for valve products attention situation can see, ball valve with 27% of the attention in the valve products list first. Gate valves during the same period compared to link a breakthrough, also with 20% of the product attention stand valve products the second. Electromagnetic valve and butterfly valve close, all with 19% of the attention in the valve products list the third. And cut-off valve is still in the packed into interest-bearing industry valve products list with 15% of the attention, followed.
    Along with our country mechanical industry valve trade growth mode has been improved, high added value of general trade export proportion increase, import and export products gradually upgrade, car, nc machine tools, power generation equipment high value-added products has become a highlight of export products. Valve market in China taken thick root, believe that the valve market share will increase gradually.
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