• Wenzhou valve symposium

  • To implement the wenzhou city government about 7 months in the context of development "catch order, excellent environment, the goals-foreign trade enterprise service month activity requirements, on July 17 afternoon, wenzhou longwan yao in the bureau held dynasty hotel outlet valve key enterprise" catch orders, promoting development, the target "symposium. There were about 30 export valve backbone enterprises to participate. TaoWei, deputy director of the meeting and do the important speech. This meeting has the following features:

    One is the meeting in time. Symposium was the choice of the valve industry, because the valve wenzhou region is extremely important and mechanical and electrical products, these a few years developing rapidly, reveal the valve industry status, the balance. When the city at a symposium and advancing the foreign trade service the month; Is the city's foreign trade situation is serious, Is the enterprise is difficult. The conference opened to bring enterprise confidence.

    2 it is clear topic. Closely around "" stop orders, promoting development, the target" this one theme, the department ShiZhao out, to policy, and help the export enterprises valve to actively respond to the financial crisis period after all challenges, and further improve the foreign trade development environment, be sure to complete all the foreign trade goals and tasks this year.

    Three forms is novel. The meeting by wenzhou longwan valve association launched bureau, and LongWanOu business bureau, the wenzhou city construction bank held together, "inspection enterprises commercial bank" four party cooperation do meeting which is first, get the departments and the valve enterprise vigorously support.

    Four is pragmatic and efficient. Offer to carry out from the symposium in only three days, get the four winds of positive response. Each department to elaborate the relevant material. The meeting in wenzhou electrical and mechanical bureau reported in the first half of 2012 and the second half of the valve outlet focus and targeted support measures; LongWanOu business bureau to convey the district government export enterprise many kinds of preferential policies; The construction bank wenzhou branch introduced at the meeting in key enterprises to provide financing for the export of convenient platform, recommended a variety of financing channels and new products. The enterprise representatives chang's prediction, BSFLP, puts forward the very intelligent comments and Suggestions.

    Wenzhou valve to the national market share of around 60%, the amount of exports in the first half year-on-year growth of 42%, but the enterprise generally reflected in developing did hit in financing and financing to your problem transformation and upgrading of difficult, technical reform difficult; Rising prices of raw materials, artificial wages rise, bargain with each other, and lead to further narrowing profit space. Meeting the lively atmosphere, interactive good, on the spot to resolve some practical problems, also brought some questions to do further research, and with good.

    In summary, deputy director of the TaoWei remarks around "catch orders, promoting development, the target" this one theme liapunoff GSM service the further development of the private economy of article 12 measures, and points out that the government is service, hope the government department and the enterprise to tackle trapped when, at the same time requirements in quality enterprise business, to the quality of industrial, good faith compliance, and to keep the growth in export valve contrarian, seize the opportunity, takes on, in quality fluctuation kongfu, efforts to raise the competition ability of foreign trade, and requirements of the association of valve good play a better role bridge and link. "

    Valve association of bay before wuzhou valve limited company general manager ChenJinFa regrets ground say: "the symposium is a government department and the enterprise pragmatic interactive platform for export enterprise, passed many hui enterprises, solve the export policy bay valve enterprise difficulties, and enhance the enterprise of faith."

    Association of valve bay standing vice President, zhejiang China valve limited company President ChenZhanJi says, "do their enterprise at the same time, to play full service functions, guide association member enterprise development, also hope to build government export enterprise brand construction work, builds better platform, innovation development model".

    The east China valve limited company President XiaFuRong put forward: "the international market competition is intense, enterprise to do well the first product quality, building up the brand, and then will own brand sales to international market; at the same time to make efforts to expand the domestic demand."

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